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Route 62 - Karoo Saloon Biker Venue

Business Directory (December 2006 Issue)
Karoo Saloon

15km before Barrydale on Route 62,
Barrydale, Western Cape,
South Africa
Telephone: +27 (0)072 250 9055

Approximately two years ago, Dan and Clare, a keen motorcyclist and at that time a hectic city slicker, spotted a patch of land 15km before Barrydale on Route 62. He found it to be the ideal place to start up his business, a bikerís theme stopover pub Ďn grub including accommodation with natureís tranquility at your back door.

They started building the pub in April 2006 and in December 2006 the Karoo Saloon (the name was only decided upon two weeks before the official opening) opened their doors to the public.

They are currently busy completing the accommodation facilities which will bring it to a total of 24 people to sleepover.

Their menu speaks of simplicity but taste is what itís all about Ė pizzas, toasties and a great breakfast. They also cater for private parties like birthdays, reunions and with their outside braai facilities you can even ask for a bubble bath swimming pool.

Dan and Clare also have an extended family, who keep the kids entertained like their two Potbelly pigs, Pork & Chop, their parrot Scrumps and their Bull Terrier, Titan, but nicknamed by BikeSA as Spud McKenzie (December 2006 issue).

In 2005 Dan and Clare also initiated the Slangkop Rally in conjunction with Lionís International to raise funds for the underprivileged.

Adrain and Janet Cell. 072 250 9055

Route 62 - Biker Accommodation

Karoo Saloon - Route 62 Venue and Accommodation

Route62 - Biker Accommodation and Biker Venue

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Route 62 - Biker Venue and Biker Accommodation

Route 62 Surroundings and View - Biker Venue

Route62 - Biker Venue Accommodation Facility near Barrydale